Welcome Home,

From Inception, to the birth of this station, we chose to do something positive for our nation, for the individual, the family, the community and the region. Being the first broadcaster originating in the southland we have also established the fact that there is a need for this type of service in a rapidly growing society, that puts people, communities and the issues first.

Providing Positive & Practical Programming for the Whole family to enjoy.

Since 2005, we have established a precedent and raised the bar in the areas of creativity & content. As well as being one of the few who provide "original programming" as a content provider. It is in fact our goal to becomes a "SOLUTIONS PROVIDER". Establishing ourselves as the station to tune in to when looking for answers and solutions to everyday life.

We have established very prominent niches in this industry.

  • The South Land
  • Family Values
  • Community Sports & Service
  • Inspirational / Christian Programming

Being a UHF broadcaster as well as a cable channel we reach many communities, from Petit Valley to Toco/Sangre Grande, Cedros to Moruga, and coming soon from Rio Claro/Mayaro region all the way into Tobago. As a station, we have made it our responsibility to be a positive influence in our nation, to help our country reach its true potential within this wonderful variety called Trinidad & Tobago. We don't have to sell you family, community and inspiration...we are family, community & inspiration.

Become a part of the first station to make family, community, inspiration, conscious, values "MORE THAN JUST MARKETING". We make it a way of life and living.

Join us as we go beyond broadcasting and veiwerships, and reach into homes, hearts and minds

Rodney Sammy-Guilarte
Station Manager